Cache Messenger

CACHE MESSENGER. What's in your message?

Send and receive hidden messages and photos. Keep your private moments away from curious eyes.

Available on the App Store. Coming soon to Android.

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Want to learn how?

Type a regular message

Enter text that you want shown by typing the message the way you normally would.

Use the " // " operator

Add // to separate displayed text from hidden text. Any text entered after // will be discreetly hidden.

Send the message

Once the message is sent, only text entered before // will be displayed on the screen. Text entered after will be displayed only when the recipient presses on the message. Check to make sure you used the operator correctly.

Display the hidden message

Upon receiving the message, the recipient has the choice to view the message when desired by pressing on the displayed message to pop the hidden message onto the screen.

Text Smarter

Now you can control when a message is displayed on your screen using Apple's 3D Touch. Private messaging done right.

Be on the look out for added features!